Not my home!

Originally posted on atimetoshare.me by Kathy Boecher 2/2014

This planet’s not my home. I am an alien here.
This place is just a hardened shell encasing sin and fear.
The shell is hard to crack. There’s only one who can.
He is the Lord of heaven.  True God and Son of man.

He came to save this world, from punishment and death.
The ransom paid in full,  with His last dying breath.
We now can face our death with peace and confidence.
He bought us for His own with his own recompense.

Now arm us with your truth. Give us a faith of steel.
Defend us in our darkest hour, for you know how we feel.
You walked within our shoes, the price you paid immense.
You lift us from the depths of hell. New life will now commence.



Picture of the month!

I normally don’t write about politics or anything of that sort but here is a beautiful shot that was taken by Gwaga, a burundian protographer, in Rutana, Burundi. The smiles on the faces of these young girls are precious and clearly shows that HEART is the home of peace. Burundi is currently going through a tough time and she covets your prayers.

~ M Charles

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Dying to self!

There’s a difference between growing to be more religious and growing to be more Christ-like.

Opinions, doctrines, and practices established by an intellectual knowledge of the scriptures can be sincerely embraced without the least bit of self-denial, and strictly practiced without getting the least bit of Divine virtue from them.

We’ve got to stay on guard to prevent our scripture learning and outward observances from ever taking the place of that self-denial and humility that’s absolutely necessary for us to have a real birth of the Light and Spirit of God in our inward man.

Living to self is dying to God and living to God is dying to self (Luke 9:23-25).

Wholly His