Hello beautiful readers,

I am eternally gratefully to God for the enormous impact blogging has brought to my life. Blogging helps me in all dimensions of my life. Many times I receive genuine encouragement from brothers and sisters in the Lord. I am active in Campus ministry, and occasionally I pick up sermon illustrations from articles or blog posts (which makes the process of sermon preparation a bit easier) since most people who appear in my reader are active Christian bloggers whose writing focus on Christian topics. I also have health veterans in my reader who are constantly sharing updates on a variety of health topics – which I can easily read and share with my peers.

Of all the activities in the blogging community, I cherish the friendships I have made with great men and women of God, people I would not have otherwise been able to know.

In late August (2019), we started college exams. I am currently doing my final year of Nursing school. The next season is going to be super busy, starting from September as I have clinical placements. I thought I would let you, guys, know that I wouldn’t be reading or sharing or writing blog posts. I may do that occasionally on special occasions. I tried to share a few stuff almost every month, I am not sure if I will be able to keep up that pace in this period. Like I said, I have a two-month clinical placement from September to November and a six-month clinical placement in Rwanda Military Hospital that will start from early January next year plus a licensing exam hopefully in July or August 2019 with small breaks. So, I am looking forward to spending ample time taking care of patients in hospitals and reading for the last exams. I will miss you guys!

I covet your prayers above all. Happy blogging y’all. God bless you and keep you!


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