I could not agree more. A very simple truth!

Looking forward to that day when we shall see our King Jesus Christ.

Claire V. Bogdanos

All deeds once hid deep in the dark

Will come to light under the sun

While God sees all and strikes His mark

And patient waits till all has done !

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A few days ago, the Parliament of Rwanda removed God and all statements related to Him from the constitution.

Here is what I think.

I personally don’t adhere to liberal opinions and principles as many people do in my country. And I guess that’s why most people here are blindly revering and buying into the secularization of the Rwandan society.

Far be it from me to teach the Parliament their job, but don’t they think they should have been more careful?

Why NOT put into consideration the folks who previously wrote the constitution? We need to understand what motivated them to go to the table and pen those documents in the way they did. I suspect, many of them fully comprehended the importance of “free will”, a concept God Himself created. The fact these people crafted our Constitution as they did is because of their clear understanding of Christian principles, while at the same time honoring the principle God established of allowing each individual to make a free choice as to what they will or won’t BELIEVE. It’s certainly now that these MPs are setting out to author
an atheist manifesto.

With that said, most of the contemporary societies, that our government is looking up to, have already adopted the so called separation of state and religion and it aroused nothing but division between believers and atheists so to speak. (Apparently, atheists are believers too and firm adherents to their thoughts and/or scientific discoveries)

I wonder if the sudden faulty decision to revise these statements/assertions was triggered by the complaints of the agnostic/atheistic society in Rwanda. What’s the rationale behind this? Actually, if they did NOT complain, would it be presumptuous of me to ask why they did so?

Hardly do we hear these folks (atheists) promulgate discrimination against them, whether incited by the state or religious groups. Our Parliament has always had its priorities straight, in this matter. Not only do they share the same rights as anybody else but they also hold administrative jobs and make decisions on daily basis that affect the rest of us. Honestly speaking, I know no analytical statistics that explicitly reveal the comparison but we know this for a fact that the amount of people which profess to be influenced by religion, excluding atheists/agnostics and scientologists immensely outnumber those who belong to the godless society.

It doesn’t take a person to be a neurosurgeon to realize that our Parliament is set on pressing the atheistic agenda on the rest of us (believers in God) by removing God in our constitution just to favor a minority of atheists.

If they can do that, they will definitely infringe on the rights to freedom of religion as they have started already. Do they have any reason to back up their faulty decision? This is what happens when representatives are vehemently entitled to their opinions and ignore what the masses think frown emoticon

This was not surprising though smile emoticon I put MY TRUST IN the Lord, not in the wicked governments. Sadly, Rwanda is going the same path as other many countries and I hardly think anyone can stop it if they still dress up in the westernized googles to view and resolve many arising issues.

God is the only SOURCE of morality and OBJECTIVE judgment. If they can get rid of that, what are we left with?

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD; and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.”

Psa 33:12