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Dying to self!

There’s a difference between growing to be more religious and growing to be more Christ-like.

Opinions, doctrines, and practices established by an intellectual knowledge of the scriptures can be sincerely embraced without the least bit of self-denial, and strictly practiced without getting the least bit of Divine virtue from them.

We’ve got to stay on guard to prevent our scripture learning and outward observances from ever taking the place of that self-denial and humility that’s absolutely necessary for us to have a real birth of the Light and Spirit of God in our inward man.

Living to self is dying to God and living to God is dying to self (Luke 9:23-25).

Wholly His

2 thoughts on “Dying to self!”

  1. Does it just make it to our thoughts? Or does it maybe get just a little bit deeper but still only touch our emotions? Or do we receive it and apply it in our walk, realizing what needs to change and improve and better reflect the Christ who I love and serve? Just like people don’t end up in prison for thinking about things – it is the consequences of what is done that they have to pay for. Those things we do are the true reflection of our relationship with God. Are we thinking and talking about God but living like hell? Lawless Hypocrite. Are we rebuking in truth while walking with little mercy and forgiveness? Prideful Pharisee. Or are we humbled by the work that still needs to be done in our heart, but grateful for the work already being done, and hopeful for the lost who might receive the same unmerited favor of the grace of God poured out over their lives as well? Faithful Servant.

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