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Always Remembered While Remembering!

Originally posted on Claudine Karangwa‘s blog.

While Remembering you Loved ones

We feel the hard tragedy you passed through before dying

We Feel Your Loss and the Void you left we will never fill

We Feel your absence while you are gone

We Feel your Silence in this noisy Life We Live

We miss those memories we shared with you Treasures

We miss your Voices Whispering that Life is Hope and Courage

We miss your precious advices you would tell us to comfort us

We miss the Strength you had for us to be Strong everyday

We Long for the Love and Compassion you’ve always Showed us

While Remembering you Loved ones

We Strive hard to make you Proud wherever We are

We Work hard to be Champions and Successful

We Smile to be Strong and Happy in every situation

We Look Forward for the Bright Future We are not giving up

We Study hard to fulfill all those dreams you had you’ve never achieved

We Love too Deep to Spread the Love all over the World

We Forgive to Reconcile but to never Forget our History

We Push too hard as the Struggle Continues

We will always remember you while remembering

Dedicated to Our Loved ones we lost during genocide perpetrated against Tutsi in 1994


Courtesy of Claudime karangwa!

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