Attention Bloggers! 

Recently, we created a whatsapp group of Christian bloggers. It is a great blessing to have good brothers and sisters fellowship together on a daily basis with love.

If you are a Christian blogger who use whatsapp, we would be happy to welcome you in the group! 

Thank You !

10 thoughts on “Attention Bloggers! ”

    1. Hello there,

      Of course, we accept members from other countries.

      The ultimate purpose is to create a perfect environment where Christian bloggers can talk about a host of subjects, sharpen each other, and discuss on how best we can be effective in reaching out to the lost.

      In addition, we can follow, share, and recommend each others blog posts and articles. With that said, we learn from each other.

      It’s pretty much like a family.

      Send me your number if you want to be part of us.

      – M Charles


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