Bible Project In A Rwandan Church! 

God is doing amazing things in Rwanda. Giving a Bible to a believer who can’t afford one is a blessing.

This is a small FMC church in Runyinya, located in a remote area in the mountains. No schools around, children and teenagers walk a long distance to get to school every morning. Not many people live in the area, houses are distant. Buses do not reach that area because there are no roads. Either a person takes a motorcycle or walks to the church.

Programs at church went from praise and worship, different choirs singing, singing hymns from the book of hymns (People here use them VERY MUCH), praying for prayer requests, singing hymns as they give offerings, and finally giving away Bibles before hearing the sermon.

The theme was “To Receive A Blessing From Obedience of God’s Word”. (We read in Gen 32:22-30, Joshua 5:13-15, 10:12-14, and Mat 12:40-45). We gave them Bibles before the sermon – after listening to the speaker we called it a day. Praise God for what He is doing in Rwanda!


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