Widow With Six Children! 

Today, we went to visit a widow who lives a few miles away from our area, as a pentecostal community on our campus.

The lady has six children and her husband died in the Rwandan genocide of 1994. She has had trouble raising six children by herself. It has never been easy.

The team rejoicing for the accomplishment
Sharing food items
Praying for the family before leaving
The widow, standing beside the president of the Pentecostal community
Pastor Cyiza, a delegate from Free Methodist Church
Word from KP delegate, Oscar
A beautiful goat the team bought for the family
Sharing food items
Our chaplain preaching
A delegate from KP

We were surprised to hear that the lady no longer goes to Church. She told us a leader, who went to the same church she attended, has threatened to take some belongings from her family after the genocide. Consequently, she never went back.

We gave her family a few food items including rice, beans, cooking oils, .. and a goat.

We sang as a choir and had our chaplain preach on “good fruits” (1 Peter 2:12). At the end, they gave her a speech and she said she was grateful, and wants to go back to church. We were overjoyed to hear that.

All Glory To God!

The pentecostal community in different universities is commonly referred to as CEP (Communaute des étudiants pentecotistes).


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