Prayer For This Week! 

Father God, in the name of Jesus Christ, we put our arms out to you, trusting that you will catch us, and believing that You will uphold us in all things.
Father, we thank you for the gift of life, we thank you for gift of salvation, we thank you for your divine protection, we thank you for your tender mercies, and your unfailing love.

Father, Your nature never changes, without faith it is impossible to please You, You’re the God who was, the God who is and the God who always will be. You’re the Mighty God, the King of Glory, the Father of eternity. You’re Prince of prince, the promise giver and the promise fulfiller. At the sound of Your name, mountains will bow down and the seas will roar.

Father, we want to put in your hands this week we’re going to start, I pray that we will be energized, and give us strength to be able to work for the glory of your Kingdom. Oh Lord, I pray that you grant us your heavenly wisdom so that we might live like your people, so that we might harvest righteousness and bring peace on earth. Lord, we pray that You satisfy the desires of our hearts, and continue to manifest Yourself in our lives. 

We want to walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing You in everything, and bearing good fruits of every work. Empower us with your Holy Ghost and give us boldness to speak and act for you in this dark world.

Oh Lord God, increase our thirst for You. Lord, we pray that You increase our hunger for You. May we never be content with where we are but may we ever desire to know You more and we seek to grow in the knowledge of Christ Jesus, in Jesus name we pray, Amen! 


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