Thursday Idiom! 

Happy Thursday beautiful people.

Recently, I decided I would make posts every week that covers not only spirituality but also some English language words and Christian apologetics.

A few days ago, I came across short articles by fellow bloggers. In these short articles, they have a new word everyday and their task is to use these words in sentences. I thought it’s a cool exercise to give a shot.

English is my second language, and despite my lack of time management skills, I would love to write short “posts” with English words/idioms and would love to receive correction and encouragement on the way.

I am trying not to procrastinate. So, I am starting right away!

Thursday’s idiom is “crux of the matter.”

“Crux of the matter” refers to the most important point of the issue.

For example:

John’s speech didn’t address the crux of the matter. He was too emotional and was overly concerned with his job.


3 thoughts on “Thursday Idiom! ”

    1. Same here brother.

      I guess it makes sense that anyone who desire to write in a particular language should learn that language thoroughly to be able not only to express his opinions but also convey them with accuracy and originality!

      Liked by 1 person

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