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“Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, but the one who stands firm to the end will be save”. Matthew 24:12-13


The prophecy of Matthew 24:12 makes SUPER clear that at the end of time most Christians will become like an iceberg gospel: a mass of ice walking, without expression, cold and totally INDIFFERENT to the love of God.

Will this happen out of nowhere? No! It’s already happening. The result of the “cooling down” of love is by an invisible virus called INIQUITY. What?? Iniquity is a lawless condition. There is no longer any reference, right or wrong. “Do you want to do this? Awesome! We accept you.” The logic of this disease is: you dont need to change to be a christian, you do not have to get out of your sin and repent because the love of Jesus covers everything.

It has become fashionable to have sins that you do not regret and do not want to break free from them. The same mouth that glorifies God is the same mouth from which swearing comes out. The same eyes that weep at ministering are the same ones that when they get home will watch a pornographic movie. “I am free in God,” but we can not confuse freedom with debauchery. “The grace of God has reached me,” but grace can not become Mary of Grace, your maid who you shout to when you need something.

For everything! Measure your temperature. Compared to other times in your life, are you hot or cold with the things of God? This thing of loving God, loving the world, loving your sins and not letting your past practices go smell very strange. Some Christians fornicate and steal, but they do not have the feeling that they have sinned. Sorry, but lack of awareness of sin means an anesthetized mind.

Want to know the truth? Countless Christians are in this condition of utter insensitivity to the Word. Iniquity is an injection of anesthesia, you do not feel anything else. You’re bleeding, bruised but FEEL NOTHING. Just for the record, the enemy wants you to bleed to death ok?

Long forgotten are the times that the children of God heard the Word and wept. It seems that today it is not so difficult to be a Christian anymore. It is cool to say that you are a man (woman) of God and that He is love, but such person’s life is FAR from fearing God and loving others. The saddest thing is that this process is taking place behind the scenes, most of the crowd is being contaminated by surprise, without realizing it.

Basic Question: Have you lost the will to read the WORD? Or when you pray it seems that the Lord is no longer there? Are you lazy to go to CHURCH? I’m sorry to inform you that these are all symptoms that you may already be contaminated with the virus.

SOS. What can I do if I am in this situation? Simply BURN. How to burn? The cold temperature can prevent the multiplication of this virus, but to kill it has to burn. What allows the multiplication of the virus is the warm temperature. The lukewarmness is the worst spiritual state. It is at this moment that the world of iniquity is proliferating within you in an UNCONTROLLABLE way. All that is evil flourishes: vices, wickedness, lies, anxiety, fear. The antidote to iniquity is FIRE. Any? No! The fire of the Holy Spirit. Look into the eyes of Jesus, His eyes are like flames of fire. He wants to take away all things that are not pleasing to God. When you allow Jesus to penetrate your heart, the flame inside you will give a “BOOM!!” and it will light up.

Do you think that everything is lost? Is not true! Read this part: “But he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” How to persevere? You have to have the basis and foundation of the word. Practice the word. Love the word. Do not let this virus catch you. Be warm. Be different. Let God touch you. At the end? You will be saved!

Author: Rebeca Alcântara


3 thoughts on “ICEBURG GOSPEL!”

  1. Interesting thoughts, Rebeca…Many Christians today are departing the faith as God intended it to be followed. It is sad.


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