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The Holy Task!

The high and holy task before the twice born children of God, is not to make the Most High popular, but to make Him known.
As the redeemed of the Lord we are not His PR department but His ambassadors, not delivering politically motivated, poll driven pronouncements; but rather we herald the King… declaring His commands…and presenting His gracious pardon available to otherwise doomed rebels.
We don’t pander to men’s egos with the falseness of flattery, manipulating the message in a cowardly, man pleasing effort to make our God “attractive” to godless men, or even less to make ourselves popular with the Kings enemies. In fact the gospel is not, as some propose, a message that makes God acceptable to men, but rather the Divine ultimatum that, when received, makes men acceptable to God. In obedience we call on men to lay down their arms of treason against God, and lift up their arms in surrender and worship to the Holy One of Israel.
Our job is not to try to draw the crowds with our carnally pragmatic bells and whistles, nor is it to preach out of ever changing surveys, but to clearly and boldly speak out of His inerrant, eternal, infallible, unshakeable and immutable word…

~ Glenn Christopherson


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