Love Thy Neighbor

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So who who exactly is your neighbor?  The nosy widow next door, or the family who “rents” across the street?  Neither of them really thrills you. But ok u will try to be kinder to them.

Or is it meant to extend further than your street?  Maybe it’s the grouchy woman at the supermarket who absolutely refuses to lighten up even when you’ve given her your very nicest smile.  ( I guess you can’t get blood from a stone! )

It might even go as far as talking about a stranger you pass  on the street. No harm in lifting your hand in a simple wave right?

It means all of them.  And everyone else you come across .  Everywhere.  Every day.

Jesus was trying to instruct us to love our fellow man.  I mean really love them, not just tolerate them.  And I wonder if he used the term “neighbor” because that’s how He sees all of us, as neighbors, not just coexisting on the earth together.

Canada is the United States neighbor.

Europe is Asias neighbor.

Are you catching on?

Now more than ever we need to love our neighbors.  It seems easy to turn our backs on them and get on with our individual  lives without troubling ourselves over our neighbors, but we are only hurting ourselves if we continue doing that.

So much more can be accomplished with unity, with compromise and most importantly with love.

Dont we all want more love in our lives?  Don’t we need it?  Do you think you have enough?  That you couldn’t do with more?

Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Love thy neighbor as if both of your presidential candidates won.

Love thy neighbor as if your life depends on it.

Love thy neighbor so there will be no doubt that Christ lives inside of you.

Because if you do then He does!!

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  1. Very well written! This is such an important part of our lives, especially as Christians. Loving our fellow man as we love ourselves is the “second greatest command” of God…just behind loving God with all of our heart, mind, and soul.


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