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Thabani on “Why is Christianity the right religion?”


The reason I choose Christianity and believe it is the authentic religion is because of this, in other religions things are based on our own merits, when I fail to do something then there is punishment awaiting or something like that, but in Christianity we based our merits on what Jesus Christ already did for us, He is the only Saviour that has loved His people so much as to come and actually accomplish the hard parts of the mission for them, where else have you heard of a Saviour who died on behalf of His creation? Definitely not in any other religion.

The God of the Bible is not created, He is the creator, He exists outside of time, space and matter, thereby making Him more than able to deal with anything because He is not limited by being in things but is limitless because He exists outside of them, without them and they are a result of Him, unlike gods which are created by hand and carved out of stone, wood etc, they break, they don’t move, and they can be shaped according to our desires and specifications, whereas our God is unchangeable.

All religions are all about seeking the light and the way, it’s a forever quest for peace, enlightenment, light and all, especially the Taoists and most Asian religions, but then Christianity is about being the light, and the Savior being that enlightenment, the way and life, in Christianity we have found what in other religions they are still seeking.

When you look at other religions, they acknowledge and have proof of the undeniable existence of Jesus Christ, even though they then deny Him being the Saviour, but Christianity doesn’t acknowledge the existence of these other funny gods, neither does it make mention of them, besides the Baals we read of, this shows that the other religions know about our God, making Him more authentic as He is even recognized by other religions and not just us alone.

Thabani M. Jr


4 thoughts on “Thabani thoughts!”

  1. I was going to make the same point you did. No other religion’s leader, or in our case, its Savior and Creator, die for our sins…not one except Christianity. We are all about grace and love, and we should be passing our beliefs on in that way to others…


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