Tomorrow is NOT promised!

One day the scales
Will fall from your eyes,
You’ll see I spoke
Only truth, not lies.

One day you’ll know
My “hate speech” was a love song,
One day you’ll see
I was right, you were wrong.

One day you’ll know
My words were true,
But that day may come
Too late for you.

Tomorrow is not promised
To any man,
So I pray that today
You will understand.

Despite all your schooling
And all your degrees,
You sadly have not learned
To be truly free;

From the trappings of sin
And the pride of life,
The pleasures of this world
Which will require your life.

The words I speak are not my own
But come from the Word of God,
Yet many choose to listen instead
To the liar who kills and robs.

Though God’s voice
I may not audibly hear,
I know that my God
Is always near.

Though I have never
Seen His face,
Upon me He pours out
His mercy and grace.

One must see with his heart
Rather than his eyes,
And discern with his own mind
The truth from the lies.

For Satan is the deceiver
The father of lies,
He feeds our lusts and greed
Our desires and pride.

He wants you confused
And to follow the crowd,
He wants you lost
And in darkness enshroud.

But you must be vigilant
You must open our eyes,
Lest you fall victim
To his alluring lies.

His motive is to keep you
From following The Light,
To fool you into thinking
What’s wrong, is right.

Do not be misguided
Do not be misled,
Go to God’s Word,
Where your spirit will be fed.

There you will learn
The truth from the lies,
He’ll teach you to be
Discerning and wise.

Tomorrow is not promised
To any man,
Seek God’s direction
While you still can.

For today could be
Your final day,
Seek now the Life,
The Truth and The Way.

~ Kathy Kendrick 05/15/16


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