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OMNIPRESENT GOD – http://wp.me/p4sgdk-3kb

The idea that someone can be in all  places at the same time, defies reason  but then again, so does a virgin birth, resurrection from death, the triune God and just about everything having to do with Christianity.  There is no explaining it.  We simply accept these things as truth through faith and the Holy Spirit working in us.

Psalm 139 is one of my all time favorites, because David is showing through his words, exactly the kind of relationship he has with God. He shows great respect for God’s existence in every area of his life.  There’s no hiding from Him.  He’s everywhere.  He is omnipresent.

For most of us, the thought of having someone looking over our shoulder every minute is daunting.  We like our privacy – we enjoy solving our own life issues – we want our independence.  On the other hand, to know that the Creator of all things is right with you every day, in an instant, whenever you need comfort, encouragement, protection from all danger and a forever friend to get you through anything, is pretty awesome.

God was there before our conception.  He saw to it that our body was intricately woven together before it was born.  He continues to be with us throughout our lives – patching the bruises of life – guiding us through dark times – fending off those who would harm us – pushing us on when we think we can go no further.  He even took on human flesh, so He could free us from the burden of sin.

Don’t be afraid of that – embrace and hold tight to it.  Our omnipresent God cares so much about us that He  wants to spend eternity with us.

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