Sermons, Truth

Every prayer!

God hears our each and every prayer
and answers one by one,
Sometimes yes, sometimes no
and some answers yet to come.

God speaks in the quiet times
when we cry out in despair,
It’s in these times He’s closest
and shows how much He cares.

In that moment of surrender
when we give it all to Him,
It’s in that helpless time
that the battle we finally win.

He bears our every burden
every woe and care,
Through all life’s trials and storms
God is always there;

To comfort and console us
to catch us when we fall,
Through every situation
Jesus is our all in all.

He’s all we’ll ever need
where ever we may go,
Through life’s ups and downs
with its ebb and flow.

Speak to God often
go to Him in prayer,
For all your joys and sorrows
God does surely share.

In prayer we find comfort
in prayer we find peace,
In prayer we find joy
in prayer we find release;

From life’s worries and troubles
it’s heartaches and strife,
In prayer we find the key
to a rich, abundant life;

Not only in this world
but also in the next,
These words are true and sure
for they’re written in God’s text.

So pray and read God’s word
each and every day,
His love will lead you to
The Life, the Truth, and the Way.

~ kk

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