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Rwanda, Africa Free Bible Project!

Recently, our church in Rwanda received free bibles, good books (authored by awesome men of God) and “Kinyarwanda” tracts to reach out to the lost from a team of born-again Christians based in United States, Aflame for God. I, and my whole family, were surprised to receive Gospel tracts in Kinyarwanda. It’s almost impossible to find them here. Unfortunately, the only people familiar with Gospel tracts are actually Jehovah’s Witness on this side of the world, which disturbs me a lot since many who are given tracts consider you a Jehovah’s Witness. The Gospel they preach is deadly and unbiblical.

April 24th was a beautiful Sunday that we were blessed with these gifts.

Here is a few points Pastor Rwihaniza Jonas, focused on in his sermon on Bible Project day

Bible passages:
– Psalms 119:40
– 1 Tim 3:16

1. He explained the importance of the Word of God and went into details about the four roles mentioned in 1 Tim 3:16,
2. The Bible was written by different people of different professions, in different ages under the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
3. The Word of God was tried in all ways and was proven to be TRUE and REAL. We should always trust in the Word of God.
4. Christians who are not guided by the Word of God walk as they please which proves that they live a lie and guided by their opinions. God’s people are destroyed by ignorance (Hos 4:6)
5. Psalm 119:11, the Word of God is like a vaccination. The paths, thoughts, actions and words of those who rely on it are perfect and godly.
6. The Word of God keeps our hearts and minds from leaving the path of righteousness in times of temptation. Mat 4:1-11 should be our example whenever we face temptations.
“It’s written.”

Photo: These two women belong to women’s choir and they, with the entire church,  were so grateful for these precious gifts 🙂


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