When I suggest to my “progressive”, “liberal”, “left wing Christian” friends that I wish they would have the same passion for the word of Christ that they have for the words of Darwin, Marx, Freud or the Pope, they get a little hot under the collar. They seem surprised that I would dare suggest that Christ Jesus is not a post-modern, gay affirming, evolutionary, new age, ecumenical, socialist Catholic.

The discussions in this regard often result in me experiencing a severe blocking.

Of course, my friends don’t understand what is a at play here.

The devil is not creative but he is consistent.
He knows that if he can get a person, or a people, to question some portion of God’s word, he will soon have them questioning all of it. Where ever he can infiltrate with a hissed , “Hath God really said?” he will.

The myth of evolution is a case in point.

The incessant, clamouring and ever present propaganda of this fairy tale for adults is simply the result of satan seeking to undermine the authority of Scripture, and to rob God of the glory due for the all powerful, creative genius evident in the creation.

Unregenerate men, wallowing in their sins, are happy to embrace the unscientific, illogical ideas in the vain hope that if God did not create the world then they will not have to give an account to Him as their Creator.

Those young in the faith, or who perhaps have never thought through the implications of the appearance of death and pain before sin, may still hold to some Darwinian ideas, but those who know the Scriptures regarding creation and the sensible, reasonable and godly arguments against evolution, and yet dogmatically dig in their heels and choose the words of fallen men over the Holy One of Israel are playing a deadly game, with serious and eternal consequences.

– Glenn C


4 thoughts on “Backbone!”

  1. Very good, but unfortunately, true article. So many of the “Christians” are falling for evolution. It is all they are taught in schools these days. Most young people don’t spend much or any time reading God’s Word. Especially Genesis 1-11.

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  2. I heartily agree and have the same issues with people I have now termed, with understanding–carnal, fairweather Christians. No matter how often people get upset with my telling the Truth of God’s Word, I will continue to teach His Truth for I have none of my own.

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