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Silence is unloving!

You probably heard of legalisation of “same-sex marriage” in Ireland a few days ago!
Teach and brainwash the youth. Then, you can control the future and get society to accept wrong as right. This is how same-sex marriage is gaining acceptance. I was discussing this with a young man – who “professes” to be a Christian – in 2013, and I asked him: If you think “same-sex marriage” is right, why wasn’t it legalised before? He answered: Other generations were ignorant!

I DON’T CARE If this offends you, But legalization of “same-sex marriage” DOESN’T make it right. Yes, you can use the unfollow or block buttons, It still doesn’t make it right!

There is no such a thing as “same-sex marriage”.

It seems like “professing christians” are happy and want to see them perish – but the raw truth is “Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you’re not saved yourself, be sure of that!”
Charles H. Spurgeon

Go read: Isaiah 5:20, Lev 18:22, Rom 1:26-28

 The “Political Correctness” police is dangerous! Don’t be corrupted!

11 thoughts on “Silence is unloving!”

  1. I don’t really agree with you, however I definitely respect that you were brave enough state your opinion even if it’s not societally accepted much anymore. It’s important to have different views in the world…
    …Just some random thoughts…


  2. Brother Charles. We’re on the same page, singing from the same hymn sheet! If you’ve read my posts you know exactly what I think about so-called Gay Marriage. But for those who don’t know – I used to be a Gay Christian. Of course, there’s no such thing! But I came under the mighty spirit of Conviction last year and into True repentance. I remember when the UK were preparing to accept Gay Marriage by law. There was a spirit of dissension brewing in the land. A real attack on true Christ Followers. I remember thinking -where did this come from? Because it was introduced by the Conservatives. I do believe Gay Marriage is the new Emperor’s Clothes!! But what’s so sad is that Christians are being duped into believing it’s okay, it’s acceptable. All of us need to be challenging the body of Christ. What is it you believe and why? Are you listening to the Holy Spirit or are you influenced by the god of this age? Remain in the Truth. Thank you for your message. Reuben

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    1. Awh… I am sooo honored to have you here brother Reuben. I am soo glad to hear that the Lord took you from the devil’s snare and now you’re HIS and serving him. Amen. Yes, some modern-day preachers may NOT tell the truth and preach another Jesus who tolerates this – who never existed. Thank you and have a blessed week.


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