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Too many “Christians”?

Don’t panic. I haven’t abandoned the faith. I love the brethren. Most times I even like them. The problem I have is what goes by the name Christian.

We have Christian radio and Christian TV.

Christian celebrities and celebrity “Christians”.
There are Christian businesses and Christian sporting comps.

Christian books and Christian movies…some are even suggesting we should promote Mormon Christians, Buddhist Christians and Muslim Christians and gay Christians…but so much which is heralded as Christian is …well, simply not Christian.

Many in the spirit of the post-modern age in which we live, have decided that Christian can just mean whatever they want it to mean, Thank you very much; but words have meaning or at least they are meant to have meaning. A rose by any other name may smell as sweet…but it’s awfully confusing to horticulturists.

When the early disciples of Christ adopted the self-descriptive term of Christian, they did it with a great deal of reverence and gratitude. It wasn’t a synonym for a nice person or born in the west or a cultural tradition. It wasn’t that they were agreed on family values, or political views or the benefit of a little bit of religion. They were united by the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit, Who had birthed in them a faith in Christ and His redemptive work and Who then had unilaterally initiated a change of their inner being.

They didn’t simply nod assent to a set of religious propositions. Their faith wasn’t the result of a half-hearted lift of a lazy hand in a meeting or the muttered echo of a preachers prayer.

In the midst of a culture violently opposed to the faith of the divine Carpenter, they were compelled to follow by an inward change that could not be denied and could not be silenced. These Christians didn’t attend church on Sunday and forget their faith till the following Sunday. They knew they were the church and as a result they met daily in the temple courts and from house to house.

They were a despised minority but they rejoiced in their tribulations. They often had nothing but felt they possessed all things. Their lives were frequently cut short yet they rested in the promise of eternity. They were united not by good will or a common vision; they were knit together by a common Saviour.

And they weren’t perfect. They were as frail and fault afflicted as you and I but they were changed.

It wasn’t that they were simply morally virtuous. In fact they understood the gospel of morality as a vain attempt to dress up a corpse. No they didn’t preach morality they preached Christ, Who was raised from the dead and Who raises the dead.

These early Christians and those who have followed in their footsteps since, responded to the preaching of the biblical gospel, NOT to inspirational talks or helpful life-skill messages. They weren’t drawn by good music and quality decor, OR by new age slogans, they were drawn by their need and the God given revelation of the only One who could meet that need. They understood that they were justly doomed sinners in need of forgiveness.

Morally sick in desperate need of the great Physician.

Rebels crying out for the Divine pardon.

Spiritually destitute looking for and receiving mercy from the Provider who owns all things.

Famished in need of the Bread of Life.

Needing the Living Water to slake an unquenchable thirst.

Alone in the universe needing a Friend.

Naked on the slave block calling for a Redeemer.

They were granted what they sought…and more, much ,much more.

Today “Christian” leaders deny Christ on National Television… and continue to be invited to speak at conferences and rallies.

Christian authors reject the Bible… and make a prosperous living doing so.

Christian denominations promote idolatry and paganism and speak loudly and with passion for a blasphemous unity.

Some of the biggest congregations in the land party under the banner of Ichabod.

I’m sorry but there are just too many “Christians”.

Read the book of Acts again.

For instance Acts 5:13-14

“Yet none of the rest dared join them, (the believers) but the people esteemed them highly. And believers were increasingly added to the Lord, multitudes of both men and women.” vs 11 follows on from the judgement levelled on Ananias and Sapphira, “So great fear came upon the church and upon all who heard these things.

No seeker friendly service here.

No dumbing down of the gospel.

No seeking of a carnal purpose in life.

No collecting of goats in the name of church growth.

Just a deep and trembling realization that the God of Israel is not to be trifled with; but also a sincere and joyous understanding that He can be approached through faith in the blood of His Divine Son.

The prosperity gospel is bankrupt.

Liberal theology is powerless.

Ecumenicalism and interfaith endeavours sit under the wrath of Yahweh.

Unbiblical religious traditions are lifeless. Even “Christian” ones.

Those involved in these rebellious demonstrations of religious activity will unfortunately hear the terrible words of Christ, “I never knew you”….unless of course of course they relinquish their hold on their idols and cling to Christ and Christ alone before that great and awe-full day.


I pray for those, who according to the court of heaven, have illegally claimed the term Christian for themselves. Those who have not experienced the second birth, who have not been justified and who are still unreconciled to You. They are unaware of the danger in which they dwell, but I ask that as You had mercy on me and so many others, You would extend your mercy to them. For Christ’s sake

Posted by Glenn Christopherson


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